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  • Name"The Calligraphic forger of " Raphael
Biography"The Calligraphic forger of" Raphael. Följande står om honom i kommentaren till kat. nr 551 i "Italian Drawings. Umbria, Rome , Naples". Per Bjurström & Börje Magnusson, Stockholm 1998. "The drawing (nr 551) belongs to a group attributed to the 'Calligrapic forger' by Fischel and others.....This draughtsman has not been identified. He obviously strived to create Raphaelesque works, using drawings both by Raphael and Viti as models. Fischel considered the possibility that he is an English 18th century amateur. On stylistic grounds the drawings are usually dated in the 17th century....Since some of the relevant drawings were acquired by Crozat in 1714, this seems to be a convenient last date. However, there is the remote possibility that the draughtman was still active and continued his work".
I Nationalmuseums samling finns ett antal teckningar attribuerade till denne okände upphovsman nr 551- 557 (It. drawings ,1998).
Ett svenskt namn för ovanstående kunde vara, "Den kalligrafiske förfalskaren av" Rafael. Men i svensk litt. förekommer inga upgifter om nämnde "Calligraphic forger of". [wns 2008-04-08]
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